Oeuvre (means my stuff)

Free Speculative Fiction:

Different Kinds of Heroesat Daily Science Fiction

Why does everything just seem to fall into place for some characters? And others–not so much?

Banana Pudding Girl at Daily Science Fiction.

A cringeworthy, skincrawly story about a predator.

Daddy My Love, My Dear Sweet Daddy. (scroll down)

It’s cold here in the locker, and I’m scared. Just on the edge of going crazy, screaming and clawing right through the metal. But I know it wouldn’t work. Plus, it will bring the zombies.

Of Magic Ash and Broken Glass at Daily Science Fiction

Everyone wants that girl and her faerie magic. She’s no underdog.

Care at Daily Science Fiction

A woman, oddly serene, pushes a man, strangely inarticulate, around in a wheelchair.

Inventing the Gods at Daily Science Fiction.

What do we really know about these gods people? Do they know what we know?

It Can Happen Here at Liquid Imagination

For a brief moment, the US was the only power with nukes.

Dark Night, Again, at Lit Up.

What if you had to die, so your child might live?

Worst Case Scenario at Medium

The 2016 Presidential Election could have gone much worse.

Rootbreakers at Motherboard Terraform

“The world was covered in green, billions of leaves waving triumphantly over all arable land like flags of an invading army. Once people had feared for trees. Turned out they could fend for themselves. The New Conditions had spawned new kinds, which grew as fast as bamboo and tough as ironwood. When the old nations began to break apart, the trees moved in, covering everything with green.”

Acceptance at Fabula Argentea

Wherein… we finally learn where authors really get their ideas.

Did you even wonder what happens when you finally break through and get published? Well, first you have the meeting. It’s kind of like when the outgoing President briefs the President-elect–gives him the codes, explains what’s what.

Rule of Thumb at Aurora Wolf

“In those days, a man could ride for a thousand miles on the infinite, oceanic grassland that stretched from the Danal River on the east to the low range of hills that traced the western coast of the continent. The half-orc tribes that had dominated the steppes for centuries had been defeated by the combined armies of the southern countries of Gurian, Khavalia, Istaru, and Cadis. The decimated half-orcs scattered across the plains and looked for work as hired hands or trackers. The result of the war opened up caravan trade routes and led to prosperity—for some. The limitless steppes provided good grazing, now free for the taking. Well-heeled landowners acquired great herds of goats, sheep, and aurochs. They hired men to move these herds to pasture and then drive them to market.

This story is about some of those men.”

Galactic Fails at Tall Tall TV.

“If you’ve ever surfed Youtube for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen lots of homemade videos of people attempting–and failing spectacularly–at various feats. You may have seen kids bungling their newest skateboard tricks, or people falling into lakes, or construction jobs gone bad.

As we build spaceships and robots and explore the galaxy, don’t you think we’ll still mess up sometimes?”

Read and produced by the talented Chris Herron.

Not Free (hey, a guy’s gotta eat!):

JohnMalachiVice.Com is a Scam!

You hire a guy to get rid of the Manifestation, but his customer service is poor.

A Moment of Repose in Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove, an Attis Arts Anthology.

He gave us fire, and then the gods chased him.

My story, When Monkey Stole Esu’s Voice, in Afromyth 2.  

What happens when naughty Monkey steals an African demi-god Esu-Elegbara’s powers, right before the slavers come?