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    iRead: The Paper Menagerie by Ken Liu

    Reading Time: 2 minutes The Paper Menagerie, a short story, swept the major SF/F awards, garnering a Nebula, a Hugo, and World Fantasy awards. The last time this happened was with William Gibson’s Neuromancer, back in the 80s! You almost want to not like it, when it gets that much hype. So as I started it, I might have been a little critical (let’s see what you got, Ken). First I noticed that his prose was clean, spare. Not a lot of wasted words–lots of blanks for the reader to fill in. Hey, I kind of write like that. But pretty soon, I was swept up into the story and forgot all…

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    iRead: The Blue Lamp by Robert Zoltan

    Reading Time: < 1 minute Feast your eyes on this: The sickeningly talented Robert Zoltan has created a special audiobook extravaganza with his great fantasy sword & sorcery piece, The Blue Lamp. Not only can he write, but he can draw, and compose, and produce. Here is the full-monty extravaganza. I first read the story in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly (here’s a link to his original publication, it’s free), which is a market I hope someday to crack. Well, Robert set the bar high in this fun tale. I would describe it as Fritz Leiber meets Robert E. Howard. If you are into S&S, you will know what that means and…

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    iRead: The Ghost Ship Anastasia, by Rich Larson

    Reading Time: < 1 minute This was a fun space opera tale that pushed a lot of my buttons: spaceships derelict spaceship dripping organic bio-horror in space crazy computers cool, very cool gadgets panicky maneuvers in suit outside the spaceships There was a bit of Aliens, a bit of 2001, and a lot of Alasdair Reynolds. I have to admit seeing the final solution very early on, but it didn’t matter. Cool, gritty, a little scary and gross. Here’s to fun in SF short fiction! I was not familiar with Rich Larson, but his website shows he is prolific and successful. An up and comer. I look forward to checking his…

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    Do Judge Me

    Reading Time: < 1 minute I was just asked to be a judge for the Silver Pen Write Well Award, and accepted without hesitation. Well–I did hesitate a few seconds–because time is precious and there is so much to do, but the folks  at the Silver Pen have been so great to me. Rick Taubold, one of the Moderators there, is the editor of Fabula Argentea. He picked my story “Acceptance” to be in his e-zine, which was my first paid publication. I’ll never forget that! Rick also took the time to edit a piece of mine when I’d been having some problems with my prose. What’s more, the Silver…

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    Reading Time: < 1 minute Dateline: January 2, 2017, 07:54 PM Michael W. Cho’s website came into being.  It is a small thing, to create a new WordPress installation (especially when your hosting company has a user-friendly app!). Yet, upon such foundations, great things can grow. I plan to include: A list of my work that is freely available on the internet. Links to work that you have to pay for. Periodic fiction for your entertainment and edification. Informative, educational, or at least amusing articles. Links and information from other authors I think you’ll like. That is all for now! MWC