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iRead: The Ghost Ship Anastasia, by Rich Larson

Reading Time: < 1 minute

This was a fun space opera tale that pushed a lot of my buttons:

  • spaceships
  • derelict spaceship
  • dripping organic bio-horror in space
  • crazy computers
  • cool, very cool gadgets
  • panicky maneuvers in suit outside the spaceships

There was a bit of Aliens, a bit of 2001, and a lot of Alasdair Reynolds. I have to admit seeing the final solution very early on, but it didn’t matter. Cool, gritty, a little scary and gross. Here’s to fun in SF short fiction!

I was not familiar with Rich Larson, but his website shows he is prolific and successful. An up and comer. I look forward to checking his stuff out!



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