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Do Judge Me

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I was just asked to be a judge for the Silver Pen Write Well Award, and accepted without hesitation. Well–I did hesitate a few seconds–because time is precious and there is so much to do, but the folks ¬†at the Silver Pen have been so great to me.

Rick Taubold, one of the Moderators there, is the editor of Fabula Argentea. He picked my story “Acceptance” to be in his e-zine, which was my first paid publication. I’ll never forget that!

Rick also took the time to edit a piece of mine when I’d been having some problems with my prose.

What’s more, the Silver Pen has been running flash fiction contests, called Quicksilver Contests, which have been stimulating and fun for me. I’ve managed to win three times! My last win, for a piece called “To Begin Anew,” was published in Last Darn Rites.

So you can see why I am pleased to give back a little to such a great site.

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