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  • Image by Bruce Mewett from Pixabay

    Zero Hour

    Reading Time: 6 minutes                 In the trench, it was cold, dark, and wet, and everyone knew the stillness would not last.                 Barclay, sitting on an empty ammo box, ran shaking fingers along the barrel of his Lee-Enfeld carbine. He’d seen vets obsessively clean their rifles before battle, polishing and oiling each part as if it would be inspected by Field Marshall Haig himself. It seemed to give comfort. But with his jitters any kind of fine work would be impossible.                 Lounging next to him on some sandbags, fiddling with something, was Jameson. His rifle lay propped against the earthen wall. After a moment came a click and…

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    The Dragon Slayers

    Reading Time: 5 minutes Perisval climbed the ash-blackened trail of Gray Mountain for three days and three nights. At the summit, he found Princess Elanere, shivering, her silk gown caked with sooty residue from acid rain. Many moons had he sought her, after falling in love with her image on an ivory cameo necklace. Upon reaching her kingdom, he’d discovered she’d been given up to a dragon, and marched hard on her trail. He knelt before her chained form. “Princess, I am Perisval, your rescuer.” “My fate is already written,” Elanere said, and without looking at him, jingled a silver chain attaching her wrists to a basalt pillar. Perisval unsheathed…